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About me

Nora Urbanski Director Producer
Nora Urbanski

Director / Producer

Filmmaking is a team sport and I have an awesome team. I'm a partner at Seventy 7 Productions. We pride ourselves on making the coolest content, working with amazing teams and utilizing the best gear in the state!


Based in the Detroit Metro area, I've had the privilege of producing Broadcast Commercials since 2010. Along the way, I've had opportunities to fill the Director's chair for amazing brands like Ford, Chevy, LensCrafter, Fathead, OnStar (to name a few).

Production is changing and having multiple skill sets goes a long way. That's why I have a FAA 107B exemption for commercial drone applications and experience and training in precision driving.


I'm a resource for productions coming into the area who need help organizing crew, gear, locations, etc. Sometimes, this means supporting photography projects (New York and Co. featuring Eva Mendez or Good Housingkeeping  featuring Judy Greer) most of the time, it's supporting other awesome production companies for any number of projects (from Music Videos featuring Nicki Minaj to UK production companies for Ford!)

While I have traveled coast to coast and beyond for productions, the Detroit Metro area is my backyard.

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