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Coldest day of the year!

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

Anything is possible with a little planning.

When we were approached for this project the client was making big changes and we had one business day to take the project on and prep it.

Pro tip: Shooting in extreme temperatures is not impossible, it's uncomfortable (there's a difference). If the client wants snow, you figure out how to shoot in the snow.

With the Motocrane Ultra, we knew we could rent a vehicle for the terrain and limit our time in the elements.

We knew this was going to put the system to the test.

Motocrane Ultra
Nora Urbanski | Cold Weather Shooting

The system worked flawlessly!

Motocrane Ultra

“Anything is possible when you have a plan and the tools"

The piece is going to come out great. This really bolsters the value of the Motocrane Ultra by taking these insane temperatures in stride. This confirmed what I believe when approaching production, anything is possible when you have a plan and the tools.

I can't wait to get into this edit!

See more gear we have in house at:

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