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Precision driving means always learning.

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

When I think of precision driving, my mind doesn't always go right to stunts - but it should!

I've been chasing and leading cars out of necessity for almost a decade. When we got a Motocrane I was the obvious choice for the driver. Therefore, I wanted to keep pushing my skills and we signed up for a couple of days of training in New Jersey. It wasn't cheap but compared to the wealth of knowledge I learned it was a steal!

“Most importantly, I learned this stuff is a perishable skill."

I thought I knew a decent amount, but there's so much more to learn. These trainers were the best and they knew how to impart these skill sets quickly. Most importantly, I learned this stuff "is a perishable skill."

It's amazing to say I can do things like a, "box 90" or "Reverse 180" and it's something I want to keep working on!

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