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Lomo/Cooke Anamorphic Lens

Updated: Aug 15, 2019

There's rare and there's .

VanDiemen in the UK is building out a set of Lomo/Cooke Conversion lenses for us. The first has landed!

At a glance, the design is pretty ingenious it turns the external turning focus mechanism into an internal focus mechanism.

VanDiemen uses the front of the Lomo Anamorphic and pairs it with a Cooke Panchro taking lens. It's like taking the best of 2 very different worlds to make a whole new look!

Cooke/Lomo Anamorphic

While we have one of the largest lens sets in the state...certainly the largest Anamorphic lens arsenal in the state, this is new territory for us.

Tests coming soon!

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