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Todd AO Anamorphic in the house!

Updated: Aug 15, 2019

This lens has a fun pedigree.

Todd AO Anamorphic's are vintage anamorphic lenses so rare you won't find a set to rent in the Midwest!

Rare Lens | Todd AO | Anamorphic
Todd AO | Anamorphic | Zoom

This is different than most Todd AO's in that it's a converted zoom lens. This means the anamorphic squeeze is in the rear of the lens so while an insanely pretty image, it doesn't have the full horizontal flare and bokeh you typically associate with the format.

This lens comes from a well known rental house in Miami. One of many films that was shot there and rented their lenses was a Bond film. So, when we watched the movie, it's pretty clear they used a combination of the Todd Primes and Zooms (both of which the rental house had at the time).

Was this lens for sure a Bond lens - I can't say with 100% certainty (I'll have to confirm that) - it sure is a fun thought though :P


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