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Welcoming the first Motocrane Ultra.

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

When I say first, I mean first, it's #001!

In general, everyone at the office loves gear. Tech is changing so quickly and new options are emerging with each cycle that it can be daunting. No one wants to buy gear that isn't quite right or won't be useful when the next cycle of gear comes. So, how do you know that piece of gear will be right for the biz? How do you know it will perform as stated? You can do all the research and hope it's an established company but the quick answer is you don't - it's a leap of faith with every purchase.

“...a 360 remote arm that doesn't have to be owned and maintained by a large corporation."

The Ultra arm is the 2nd version from Motocrane. The first version had left me with doubts after seeing it at NAB in Vegas a year prior. But the potential for this upgraded version to be a a 360 remote arm that doesn't have to be owned and maintained by a large corporation was really enticing and the upside outweighed the risk.

The ability to shoot dynamic running footage and not have to bring in another vendor was worth it. We've brought in teams from Chicago and beyond, their travel rates, OT, etc. etc. always felt like it was eating the lion's share of the budget. We've been slowly getting into rigs that attach to vehicles to shoot running footage like the Dito arm and they have been a wildly successful experience.

There is a need for affordable running footage but could this be the first tool to help make affordable running footage without creative compromise?

Chris and Nick from the office made the trek to Minnesota to pick up the Motocrane Ultra. They trained on it with their team and came back the next day! Even though they've spent the better part of the TWO days on the road, they put the system together when they landed and we're all blown away.

See more gear we have in house at:

...updates soon!

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